Your trip should be carefully built with hand-selected experiences to exactly fit you. We use our expertise and the very best vendors in the industry to design your dreams. Search engines don’t do that. Experts do that.

Life is too short to take the wrong vacation. Over 50% of people pick the wrong vacation for them. Why waste your trip? Why take someone ELSE’s trip? Your memories are too precious to leave to do-it-yourself travel disappointment. Take a trip that’s designed for you by an expert.



Our agents have extensive travel experience. Their best (and worst) personal trips have created expertise that is imbedded in every aspect of our trip designs so you benefit. We routinely travel to visit the properties and destinations we recommend. We are constantly in classes to be up-to-date on the latest changes and innovations in travel.  


We listen and get to know you. We remember that your kid only eats chicken nuggets or your spouse likes pools with shade. We work one-on-one with you on and match each trip’s needs to a designer’s expertise. You talk with a person, not a call center. As we work with you over a lifetime, we help translate the things you love to new and exciting destinations and stages of life.


Some travel companies and search websites only offer a narrow variety of hotels and tours. You don’t get the full picture of what’s available or choices that might fit you best. We don’t do that. We work with the best vendors across hundreds of companies to bring you the best possible trip.


Saves you time.

Reduces your hassle.

Gets you more trip for your money.

Creates the best lifelong memories with others.


Travel Smart

Internet travel information can be misleading and overwhelming. Your trips are precious memories that shouldn’t be purchased like socks. They should be designed to bring you home with awesome stories and experiences.  Our travel expertise is built into the design of all our trips to maximize budget and time while minimizing headaches. We call this traveling smart.

Travel Together

The world is best savored when shared and remembered with others. From destination weddings to family trips to Disney or Australia, travel brings people together in amazing ways. What memories do you want to share with your kids or your parents? We are particularly passionate about group and multi-generational travel. We do all the organizing, question answering, reminding and wrangling so that everyone in the group can just enjoy.

Travel More

You need more time, especially time away. Everyone does. Trip planning is time-consuming. Working with a professional travel expert gives you more time to spend on the important things instead of reading 300 uninformed internet reviews. How much is your time worth? Travel more and leave the planning to us.

Travel Purposely

We believe that travel enriches lives and should return the favor. A portion of the proceeds from your travel goes toward refugee, orphan care, and adoption worldwide. We believe in helping clients experience the places they love and using that to help other have forever homes.


Suppliers and Partners

As an affiliate of the Travel Leaders Group, “the undisputed leader in travel,” the Traveling Compass is proud to partner with many of the travel industry’s most reputable, leading suppliers including: airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, hoteliers, car rental companies, passenger rail lines, theme parks, destination management companies and travel insurance providers, as well as the world’s most-sought-after, premier destinations.
Viking Cruises
Apple Vacations
Princess Cruises
Leading Hotels of the World
Norwegian Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean


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